UNIZIN Innovation Summit report

By | May 9, 2017

Sean DeMonner, John Johnston, and Zhen Qian from ITS Teaching & Learning represented U-M at the annual Unizin Innovation Summit April 19–20 in Denver. The Unizin Innovation Summit is a two-day conference for members of the consortium to present their work on the implementation of Unizin services, and to discuss issues around the developing the next generation digital learning environment.

“The Unizin gathering provides a great opportunity to advance existing collaborations and to create new ones,” DeMonner said. “We saw some exciting work from other institutions and shared some of our own.”

Johnston presented his work on a university-developed, rapid evaluation protocol that was used as the basis of a collaborative review of Unizin’s learning analytics tool, called Course Monitor. He also led a workshop on managing change fatigue in academic environments.

Qian presented on the Teaching & Learning’s groundbreaking work in leading the development of the Caliper learning analytics specification. There was a lot of interest in U-M’s work on Caliper (PDF) and the Unizin Data Services platform in general. There should be significant activities in this area among the consortium members in the coming year as several institutions begin standing up their own learning analytics services and try to take advantage of Unizin-supplied infrastructure.

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(L-R) John Johnston, Sean DeMonner, Zhen Qian