Rada Mihalcea to present at April 20 WIT CoP

By | April 17, 2017

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Thursday, April 20; 3-5 pm; Arbor Lakes North Dome.

Have you heard the buzz? Jocelyn Anderson and the Women in IT Community of Practice (WIT CoP) Professional Development Subcommittee planned an exciting topic for this week’s meeting: U-M researcher Rada Mihalcea will discuss semantic analysis and what it tells us about gender preferences in social media. Mihalcea, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has presented worldwide on linguistic analysis, including “What Men Say, What Women Hear: Using Semantics To Make Better Sense of Gender Differences in Social Media” at Oxford University. Join us to hear Professor Mihalcea share her personal story and path to computer science. She will explain how her research on semantic analysis can be used to reveal gender preferences in science fields, highlighting what is attractive to women in technology. This will lead to an open discussion on strategies to attract and retain women and girls into STEM fields.