Building Inclusive Digital Environments for Research

Research is how we learn, but our findings depend upon robust data, derived from the populations we seek to serve. As teams build digital environments for research, effort must be put into ensuring that those environments support the populations of study. When constructing digital environments for research, teams must think broadly about the full research experience to include emails or SMS sent, websites, webapps or native apps provided, and any devices included or issued. In addition, it cannot be stressed enough: the work in creating these environments is never done!

Automated Data Cleaning for Sleep Data from Wearables

Automated sleep data cleanup and processing to harmonize Fitbit data obtained via Fitabase with self-reported sleep diary entries sent via SMS-to-Email. This project uses Microsoft Power Automate for processing sleep diary entries in a shared mailbox, and Excel / Power Query for loading and cleaning sleep stages and HRV data.