Duo releases a new look to all customers — coming to U-M Feb. 20

Duo releasing a new look to all customers, including U-M. Coming February 20, 2024.

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the University of Michigan will start using an updated Duo Universal Prompt screen for two-factor authentication. All Duo customers across the world, including U-M, are required to transition to the Universal Prompt, and Duo is ending support for the traditional version. 

The most notable change will be a new visual design for the Duo prompt pop-up screen that users receive when they login. The advantages of the new Universal Prompt include:

  • Streamlined and more intuitive login experience for users
  • Automatically prompts users to approve via their last-used authentication method
  • Supports more types of hardware security keys

U-M users do not need to take any action to use the new Universal Prompt. There is no change to the Duo Mobile app itself, and authentication methods currently in place will carry over into the new prompt.

“We want U-M users to be aware of the new look and feel,” said Sol Bermann, U-M’s Chief Information Security Officer and Executive Director of Information Assurance. “While the new prompt may look a bit different, it provides the same protection we’ve always had, just with a new design and some added features.”

To see an example and learn more about Duo’s new Universal Prompt, visit the Upcoming Changes to Duo page on Safe Computing.