Getting started with generative artificial intelligence: U-M Instructor Guide

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The fall 2023 term has been groundbreaking for higher education professionals as they navigate teaching and learning in a Generative AI (GenAI) environment. In response to the influx of new GenAI resources, the Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TTC) is excited to share the official Getting Started with Generative Artificial Intelligence: U-M Instructor Guide with campus. The guide is differentiated, portable, and easy-to-use. It reflects the variety of new GenAI resources available, ranging from custom U-M AI tools, GenAI workshops, and a new U-M GenAI website.

The GenAI instructor guide provides a quick introduction to GenAI, impacts on teaching and learning, potential course and assessment redesign ideas, the limitations/bias of GenAI and ethical use, and five top action items for teaching in a GenAI era. The guide is differentiated for beginner GenAI users to advanced users. It also addresses a variety of approaches for teaching, ranging from redesigning assessments to incorporating GenAI as a tool in the classroom. The information in the guide is an abridged version of the full content housed on U-M’s GenAI website and is reflective of resources and knowledge available as of September 2023.

Instructors are invited to use the guide as they wrap up the fall term and prepare their courses for winter 2024.