Upcoming changes to Duo two-factor authentication

Duo has released a new Universal Prompt to replace their traditional two-factor authentication prompt that U-M currently uses. ITS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is planning to switch U-M Weblogin to use the Duo Universal Prompt in early 2024. Visit the Upcoming Changes to Duo page on Safe Computing to see an example. 

The advantages of the Universal Prompt include:

  • Uses safer technologies offered by Duo.
  • Streamlined login experience for users, such as defaulting to the last-used authentication method and requiring automatic Duo push notifications when that option is used.
  • Designed and tested to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level.
  • Support for more types of hardware security keys.

Users will not need to change anything to log in with the new Universal Prompt. 

  • There’s no change to the Duo Mobile app.
  • All the methods that people currently use to log in will carry into the new prompt.

Units that have their own instances of Duo applied to their logins will receive detailed communications from IAM on how to prepare for and implement the new prompt.

Planet with U-M and Duo icons