This month in EDUCAUSE: Privacy & security in higher ed, DEI efforts, and AI

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Welcome to 2023!

I will provide EDUCAUSE articles of interest and upcoming trends in each newsletter.

Welcome to 2023!

Data Privacy Day was on January 28, so let’s start the year by looking at the Privacy and Security Showcase. Do students understand the implications of privacy and data use in their learning experience? How familiar are they with the institutional policies and use of their data? Look through the October 2022 report on Student Data Privacy and Security: A Call for Transparent Practices to find out more. It is also helpful to go back to the Cybersecurity and Privacy Perspectives on the EDUCAUSE 2023 Top 10 IT Issues (cybersecurity is #2), to review strategies for everyone to become cybersecurity stewards, “Embedding privacy and cybersecurity education and awareness in the workplace demands engagement from all levels of the campus community, from the president to students.”

DEI efforts

HP hosted a two-day summit in September 2022 on the topic of HBCUs tackling digital transformation. Read through the challenges discussed by the panel including change management, cybersecurity, and workforce preparedness.

In addition, take a look at the helpful EDUCAUSE resources on supporting DEI efforts—especially in IT. Educause notes the OWL (Organizations We Love) at Temple University. It’s also worth reviewing the 2021 primer on Digital Divide.

AI Language Tools: humans should still be in charge

We’ve been hearing a lot about CHATGPT along with other speech and language tools.

EDUCAUSE highlights several “More About ChatGPT” resources for your reference.

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