Upgraded image sharing to improve patient care at Michigan Medicine

By | January 7, 2022
Clinical Enterprise Imaging is coming January 16.
(Image courtesy HITS)

Later this month, Michigan Medicine will implement Clinical Enterprise Imaging (CEI) — a program consisting of multiple projects aimed at improving the display and sharing of images across the institution. eUnity (WebPACS) will improve the display of diagnostic images across the enterprise. 

This project will replace the existing systems with a new common infrastructure, allowing staff to view radiology images at go-live launched from MiChart. Cardiology and ophthalmology images will follow at a later launch date. Ultimately, the Enterprise Archive will store many different “-ology” image types.

The incoming Sectra PACS is known for its rock-solid reliability and the architecture is compatible with Michigan Medicine IT standards, simplifying support. Additionally, using a single vendor for enterprise imaging and PACS will eliminate incompatibilities between systems and streamline management.

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