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My name is Irene Knokh and I’m the EDUCAUSE ambassador for U-M. I will provide articles of interest, upcoming trends, and generally be your advocate for EDUCAUSE.

Each month, I will share with you EDUCAUSE  articles of interest, upcoming trends – and generally be your advocate for EDUCAUSE.

The EDUCAUSE conference began on October 26th! There is an option to attend online. Even if you cannot attend the conference, check out all the toolkits and showcases, including Analytics, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation (DX). 

Speaking of security, October is Cybersecurity month! 

All higher education entities need to be highly aware of security threats. 

Tune into Community Conversations with Ed Hudson and Michelle Norin: Lessons learned

Two leaders discuss major incidents in their institutions (California State University System and Rudgers University), and how they mitigated them. Critical leadership support, asking questions, collaborating with other institutions, understanding the needs of IT, cybersecurity team—and the resulting data hygiene project for  all higher education institutions are vital.  

Check out the Cybersecurity Showcase @EDUCAUSE and take a look at May 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce poll results. If you’re a cybersecurity professional, drop me a line ( What are your thoughts? Is your experience vastly different or similar? 

Listen to the podcasts (and read the transcripts) on the Community Conversations page


Did you know that there is a Mentoring Program at EDUCAUSE? I have not really checked  it out yet and look forward to doing so. You have options for 1:1 mentoring or mentoring circles with peers. 

If you have never been a mentee or a mentor, now is worth  jumping into the water to test it out! You can do it. U-M has federated login (so you can login with your UMICH Level-1 credentials). Read about the program and get started. I’d love to hear what you think about this experience. 

I wrote a blog on mentoring and will share it in the next Michigan IT News newsletter. 

Thank you, and “see you” next month! 


If you have any questions about the content, tidbits you’d like to share, or anything EDUCAUSE related, email Irene Knokh, instructional design and technology consultant, Professional Development and Education for Nursing, or Chris Eagle, EDUCAUSE coordinator for U-M.