Manage MCommunity groups used for U-M business

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MCommunity groups are an important part of communications and collaboration at U-M, especially while working or learning remotely. Groups used for U-M business, such as email and providing access to resources, require proper management to prevent interruption of important work-related activities.

Be a responsible and courteous colleague by following these guidelines for managing your groups:

  • Always have at least one co-owner for your group to prevent interruptions or problems if you are out of contact or leave the university.
  • Renew your group each year if it is still needed. MCommunity groups must be renewed annually, or they expire. Owners receive email 90 and 30 days before a group expires. 
  • Transfer ownership of your groups when you change roles or leave the university.
  • Make sure the group Description is filled out so others know what the group’s purpose is.
  • Add only the persons who need to be in the group, and remove group members promptly when their role changes or they leave the university.
  • Use privacy settings when needed to protect the members of the group. You can:
    • Hide the member list from everyone except the group’s members.
    • Only allow email to be sent to the group by the group’s members.
  • Delete groups from MCommunity promptly when they are no longer needed.

You can see more details about group-owner responsibilities, as well as instructions for updating groups, in Managing MCommunity Groups that You Own.