HITS launching the Academic IT Core on March 1

By | March 1, 2021
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(Michigan Medicine/Getty Images)

The Academic IT Core will house a specialized set of IT and data services that are easily accessible, available on demand, and for a recharge rate. This will allow researchers to more easily estimate specific IT costs and leverage the services throughout their project lifecycle. The Academic IT Core has launched with one service, Scientific Programming & Innovation, with additional services to be added in the coming year.

“We learned that researchers have unique IT needs that don’t fall into the typical IT offerings,” said Erin Dietrich, senior director of HITS Academic IT. “That’s why we created the Academic IT Core, to provide specialized services such as programming to enable research projects to move faster with the help of expert IT staff. We utilized the core model because it has been successfully implemented here at U-M with the BioMedical Research Core Facilities and is a familiar format to researchers.”