AIM Data Showcase – A month of data events

By | January 26, 2021
Aim Showcases

Join us throughout the month of February for the AIM Data Showcase. This annual event has gone virtual! We’ll be releasing content for the event every day in February at

This year, as with so many things, the AIM Data Showcase is going to look a little different. But while many things were put on hold in 2020, there has been so much progress and good work, and we don’t want to miss out on us celebrating that.

Rather than a live-streamed event, we’re going to lean into the remoteness and share async content throughout the month of February. We’ll feature work that’s happening across the Center for Academic Innovation, new opportunities to engage with data at U-M, and updates from beyond the bounds of our campus. We’ll even check back in with some of our speakers from the past two years. So while there won’t be tightly packed chairs, a candy buffet or the opportunity to run into long-missed colleagues, there will still be lots of love for data.

We hope you’ll visit on Feb. 1 to join us in the conversation.