Reimagining Enriching Scholarship

By | January 22, 2021
Two women working on computers, with a third sitting between them talking and gesturing
Enriching Scholarship 2018 (CAI)

The Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TeachTech) at U-M has started planning for an online 2021 Enriching Scholarship Conference, an institution-wide conference that offers a series of workshops, seminars, and panel discussions around the use of technology in teaching, learning, and research. It normally offers around 100 workshops with nearly 800 participants and often kicks off with a nationally-known keynote speaker. TeachTech has been hosting an Enriching Scholarship (ES) Conference every May for the past 22 years—except last year due to Covid-19 challenges.

Siba el Dallal is a TeachTech representative for LSA and serves on the Enriching Scholarship planning committee. She joined U-M in 2019 as a Learning and Teaching with Technology Consultant for LSA Technology Services. She holds a Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology from Wayne State, where she worked as an adjunct faculty and a GSI. Teri Horton, a teaching and learning with technology consultant with LSA, recently sat down with el Dallal to talk about her work and share an update about what we can expect from this year’s Enriching Scholarship.