Inspired to create: U-M alumnae and the world of international tech start ups

By | January 15, 2021
illustration of diverse women
(Leaders & Best Impact)

When you think of tech startup companies, what comes to mind? Is it Silicon Valley, black turtlenecks, and billion-dollar IPOs? Or perhaps something about college drop-outs and the proverbial idiosyncrasies of “tech-bro culture”? While stereotypes can be helpful for getting the big picture of things, when you look more closely they’re often misleading caricatures, and this has proven especially true in the case of the tech industry. So we’re telling a different story.  

In December, Leaders & Best caught up with several University of Michigan alumnae working in the international startup space to learn more about the tech industry overseas and how U-M helped lay the foundation for their careers in entrepreneurship.