TeamDynamix saves the university time, money

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In May of this year, ITS released the TeamDynamix (TDX) service management system. TDX was selected for many reasons, including ease of use, accessibility, and flexibility. TDX also arrived with significant cost savings.

The benefits of TDX 

U-M’s TeamDynamix licensing agreement provides unlimited enterprise licensing and multi-tenant capabilities, allowing for multiple ticketing applications within the U-M Private Cloud instance. Several schools and colleges, as well as campus units that have high ticket volume and/or complex ticket management needs, have opted to take advantage of the licensing agreement and administer their own TDX ticketing application. This allows units to retire more costly and, in some cases, aging legacy systems. Units administering their own applications can easily manage access, create forms and workflows, and configure many features and functions, while ITS manages global settings, such as U-M people, places, and department data synchronization. Campus units with simple ticket tracking needs can join the ITS-managed ticketing application rather than administering their own. 

Significant cost saving across the university

The flexibility and ease of use with TDX has meant that since May 2020, more than ten distinct ticketing applications have gone live and are being used by ITS and 27 schools, colleges, and units across campus. ITS expects to realize an annual savings of $307K starting in FY21 and, due to the licensing structure, ITS is able to pass on an annual savings of $236K to campus. As more schools, colleges, and units adopt TDX, the savings from retired legacy systems can be expected to grow. ITS is developing a migration toolkit to support units for the retirement of MRequest (FootPrints) in December, 2021 and is partnering with current customers to recommend a migration path to TeamDynamix or other ITS Services. Visit the MRequest (FootPrints) Retirement website for more information. 

Use TDX for project management

Also included in the enterprise licensing agreement is the TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM) module. PPM offers features to manage agile and waterfall style projects, make project delivery more efficient, and report across projects/portfolios/programs. The rollout of PPM to all of ITS will begin January, 2021. PPM will become available to additional units later in 2021. 

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