UM-Dearborn’s artificial intelligence center having great first year

By | November 20, 2020
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U-M Dearborn founded the Dearborn Artificial Intelligence Research Center less than a year ago with a strategy of “think big, start small, and scale fast.” Organizers have already made impressive progress toward making AI one of Dearborn’s topline areas for research, education, and industry collaboration.

Over the past year, several DAIR Center projects have won funding and the center recently organized a joint training with IBM on AI for smart manufacturing that attracted more than 150 participants from industry and academia. UM-Dearborn and the DAIR Center also hope to launch an interdisciplinary master’s degree in artificial intelligence — the first program of its kind in Michigan. 

The DAIR Center’s ranks include more than 40 faculty, 30 doctoral students, and dozens of alumni and industry partners, including IBM, eBay and Sumitomo. They’re hopeful they’ll attract even more interest through an AI symposium Nov. 30-Dec. 4 that will include top executives from Google, IBM, Ford, Oracle, GM, Intel and more.