Michigan IT Governance/CoP activities for September/October 2020

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IT governance ensures the effective and efficient use of IT resources and capabilities across U-M in order to meet the goals of the university. Advice and guidance are provided by strategic governance committees and multiple advisory groups. Michigan IT communities of practice (CoPs) are groups where like-minded IT professionals can share information, experiences, and ideas around a particular topic in support of the university’s missions.

Below is a summary of September and October 2020 Governance & CoP meetings, as well as upcoming meeting information. To learn more or to add an upcoming meeting to your calendar, visit the IT Governance web page or the IT CoP web page.

IT Governance activities for September/October 2020

The full calendar is on the IT Governance web page.

September Governance Meetings:

  • STAC 30-minute virtual meeting – 1st
    • Topics discussed: Zoom /w Students, DUO tokens & faulty internet connections, Technology in China
    • Link to agenda/minutes
  • STAC 30-minute virtual meeting – 8th
  • Unit Reps – 14th
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) – 15th
  • Student Records, Curriculum, & Academic Advising (SRCAA) – 16th
  • Data Governance Council – 18th
  • STAC 30-minute virtual meeting – 22nd
    • Topics discussed: Zoom changes, Accessibility in videoconferencing, CTools retirement, Lucidchart licensing
    • Link to agenda/minutes
  • Admitting Systems Production Advisory Group (ASP) – 22nd
  • In-Building UMNet Governance – 25th
  • Financial Applications Advisory Committee – 28th
    • New Business cases: Space management, expanding 3-way match
    • Projects on the horizon: 7 projects, see minutes for details
    • Link to agenda/minutes

Scheduled October Governance Meetings:

  • Administrative Domain Advisory Committee (ADAC) – 6th
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) – 6th
    • Data Governance update
    • Budget impacts and solutions
    • Link to minutes (STAC members only)
  • Data Governance Council, sub-group – 9th
  • STAC 30-minute virtual meeting – 13th
  • Data Governance Council – 16th
    • Update on Recommendations document
    • Covid data governance update
    • Link to minutes
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) – 20th
  • Student Records, Curriculum, & Academic Advising (SRCAA) – 21st
  • Collaboration Services Advisory Group (CSAG) – 21st
  • In-Building UMNet Governance – 22nd
  • Financial Applications Advisory Committee – 26th
  • Admitting Systems Production Advisory Group (ASP) – 27th
  • STAC 30-minute virtual meeting – 27th

Communities of Practice

The full calendar is on the CoP website.

September CoP Meetings:

  • CoP
    • UM HD Video Group Quarterly Meeting – 16th
    • Business Intelligence CoP – Fall kick off – 22nd
      • Agenda
        • Welcome – get in and get settled (5min)
        • ThoughtSpot (Augmented Analytics) DEMO/QA (20min)
        • Breakout/Network (15min)
        • Denodo (Data Virtualization) (20min)
        • Announcements/Wrap up (10min)
    • Women in IT – Coffee Connection – 24th
  • Informal “coffee break gathering”
  • AV CoP – 25th
  • Data Integration CoP Meeting – 28th

Scheduled October CoP Meetings:

  • CoP
    • Michigan IT CoP Facilitators *Virtual Coffee Break* Meetup – 6th
  • Informal “coffee break gathering”
  • Link to agenda
  • AV CoP – 16th
  • Tableau Symposium – 21st
  • Project Management CoP – 21st
  • Data Integration CoP Meeting – 26th
  • Women in IT – Topic Professional Development – 28th
Author: Jennifer Herron, IT Communications Business Analyst

Jennifer is an IT Communications Business Analyst for ITS. You can reach her at jbroniak@umich.edu.