Achieving career readiness through gameful learning at UM-Dearborn

By | August 11, 2020
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(Laurie Sutch, Talent Gateway Program Director)

Throughout their time on campus, students learn through not just academics — but through all aspects of their experience. Many times, however, they do not recognize these moments for growth and for developing skillsets that will greatly aid them in the future. Leaders at U-M Dearborn recognized this issue — and filled that need.

The Talent Gateway at UM-Dearborn provides a platform for students to reflect on their personal, academic and professional development through a series of challenges that push students to try new things in and out of the classroom. The program is powered by GradeCraft, an online gameful learning management system created in 2014 by Barry Fishman, the Arthur F. Thurnau professor at the U-M School of Education and School of Information, and his team.