Teach-Outs bring over 100,000 global learners together

By | July 28, 2020
(Screengrab of the University's Teach-Outs homepage. It has three visible courses: one called "Free Speech in Sport Teach-Out," another called, "Listening to Puerto Rico Teach-Out," and another called, "Melting Ice Rising Seas Teach-Out."
(Image courtesy Michigan Online.)

“It is a beautiful thing to communicate for the same cause and from different countries of the world, I hope that there will be serious and sincere work to provide what we can for future generations of stability and safety in the future life,” one learner said from the Earth Day at 50 Teach-Out in April 2020.

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many around the world, it may offer our global society a vital opportunity to evaluate and redesign the status quo and build a future that affirms and advances our commitments to becoming a more just and inclusive society. Between the layers of crisis, whether it’s COVID-19, police brutality and systematic racism, or climate change, there is an emerging collective reckoning with a bias toward rapid change and action. It is indeed a “beautiful thing” to connect with others from across the world to learn about, discuss, and take action on our world’s most pressing societal issues.