NSF-funded project to focus on improving security, privacy of smart homes

By | June 29, 2020
(Photo of Denise Anthony.)
(Courtesy of U-M’s School of Information.)

Although there are many benefits to the smart internet of things (IoT), like being able to ask a speaker questions and receive immediate answers, security and privacy for these devices remain a challenge. 

To address this, a team of researchers from seven universities will work together on a national research project on the life cycle of security, privacy, and usability challenges from the perspective of the everyday consumer in a residential setting. 

The project, “Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments” (SPLICE) is led by David Kotz from Dartmouth College and is funded through a five-year, $20 million Frontier Award from the National Science Foundation. 

The project is “working to ensure that smart devices are designed and produced with security and privacy in mind,” says Denise Anthony, a professor of health management and policy at U-M’s School of Public Health, who will be working on SPLICE.