MiXR Studios Podcast: Nursing clinical simulations with guest Michelle Aebersold

By | June 12, 2020
(Image of Michelle Aebersold, U-M Clinical Professor of Nursing.)
Michelle Aebersold, U-M Clinical Professor of Nursing (Image courtesy U-M School of Nursing)

This week’s MiXR Studios podcast explored nursing simulations and extended reality (XR) from Second Life in discussion with Michelle Aebersold. 

Michelle Aebersold, a U-M clinical professor of nursing, spoke about her journey into XR and her efforts to build multi-user simulations at the School of Nursing, starting with Second Life and continuing today using virtual reality (VR). She has worked with people at the Duderstadt Center to create “We Heart VR” to use virtual reality to improve patient outcomes in pediatric cardiac arrest and create training that allows a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers to collaborate and use algorithms to treat an infant in cardiac arrest.

Aebersold also discussed her other projects, like using a 360-degree video to demonstrate what it is like for patients who are hard of hearing to engage in the healthcare system to healthcare providers. Her latest project, called “Getting Under the Skin” is one of the XR Initiative’s Innovation Fund awardees.