Good group owners make great MCommunity groups

drawing of multi-colored stick figures

Are you creating new MCommunity groups to help you collaborate and stay in touch with people while working or learning remotely? Group owners are responsible for ensuring that members of their group have a good experience. The MCommunity Directory includes options to help you do that.

If you own a group, your responsibilities include:

  • Having a clear purpose for your group, so group members understand what the group is for. It is helpful to describe the purpose in the Description section of your group.
  • Respecting the privacy of group members by choosing appropriate privacy settings. For example, set your group so that only the members can see the other members if privacy is needed.
  • Including group members only with their permission.
  • Removing group members who ask to be removed.
  • Having more than one owner, particularly for groups that are used for university business.
  • Remove groups promptly when they are no longer needed.

See a detailed list of group-owner responsibilities, as well as instructions for updating groups in Managing MCommunity Groups that You Own.