Film students step into the shoes of a filmmaker using virtual reality

By | March 13, 2020
Highlight of the Citizen Kane VR application developed at the Duderstadt Center by the Emerging Technologies Team.

Thanks to generous grants from LSA Technology Services, U-M film students now have the unique opportunity to get some hands-on experience with filmmaking. The Citizen Kane VR project lets students use VR technologies to reshoot a key scene from the classic film at the Duderstadt Center Visualization Studio.

Developers in the Duderstadt Center Emerging Technologies Group modeled clip from the movie into a 3D virtual world. Students can then manipulate a fully-functional virtual film camera to reshoot the scene using different angles, framing, movement, and lighting.

This project also received support from the Center for Research on Learning & Teaching and the Center for Academic Innovation XR Initiative, whose designers consulted on the rollout of the project and the implementation of the tool. “Our goal is to create a professional services offering for any faculty on campus that want to use XR technologies for teaching and learning,” said Jeremy Nelson, director of the XR Initiative.