Michigan Medicine offers a free password manager for its employees

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Michigan Medicine employees and students are required to use passwords to access various applications and business systems in their daily work. Because it can be difficult to keep track of multiple passwords, some people choose a simple password they can remember (e.g., their date of birth, a pet’s name, or another easily discovered piece of personal information), keep an insecure record of their passwords (e.g., written on a Post-it next to their computer), or reuse the same password across multiple accounts.

Strong and unique passwords are key to online security and privacy, so Michigan Medicine is introducing a free opt-in password manager service to encourage good password practices. 

The new service, LastPass, will store passwords in an encrypted form, help generate secure random passwords, and allow users to more easily access their passwords across various devices, including their computer, smartphone, and tablet. Michigan Medicine community members can use LastPass to store, edit, and organize usernames, passwords, credit card information, sensitive documents, and other personal data in a simple, searchable vault.

Learn more about LastPass.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Medicine offers a free password manager for its employees

  1. Nicole Smith

    This is great! Any idea why only Michigan Medicine employees are getting the service?

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