Flint students get U-M Google accounts this summer

By | April 24, 2019
two female students sitting on a sofa using laptops
(UM-Flint News)

Beginning June 23, 2019, UM-Flint will activate student Google accounts, granting them access to the Google platform using their unique name with the new @umich.edu extension—versus the previous @umflint.edu extension.

This transition follows previous moves for Ann Arbor and Dearborn and is as part of efforts to reduce costs, increase collaboration, and advance technology on the Flint campus. The student Google account activation is part of the final phase of the campus’ full migration to Gmail, which began earlier in the year.

“We created a methodical but deliberate strategy to move our campus to the Google platform seamlessly,” said Erik Taipalus, project manager, Flint ITS. “To date, things have gone relatively smoothly, having learned important lessons from the other U-M campuses’ migrations. We’re confident that students will find immediate benefits from the transition.”