Google+: Recommended action by April 1

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As we first communicated on March 4, Google will delete some content in U-M Google+ on April 2, 2019. The ITS Collaboration Services team consulted with Google+ Product Managers to develop a recommended action plan. Please note this information is what we currently understand, according to Google. See the most up to date information directly from Google.


  • Communities owned by at least one U-M G Suite account will remain.
  • Communities not owned by a U-M G Suite account will be deleted
  • Community posts made by non-G Suite accounts, even in Communities with a U-M G Suite owner, will be deleted.

Actions Needed:

  • Act now to make sure at least one person with a U-M G Suite account is an Owner on your Community.
    • Add a G Suite account as a Moderator to Communities
    • Two weeks later, convert that Moderator to an Owner
      (The account must be a Moderator for two weeks before it can be made an Owner. March 18 is the last day to take action.) 
  • Archive your Google+ Community to capture contributions from everyone, before content is deleted.


All Google+ Pages, like the U-M Google page, will be deleted. 
Action Needed: Download and archive your page content with the Google Takeout tool.

Author: Eric Fruth, ITS Infrastructure

Eric is a performance support analyst senior with ITS Infrastructure. You can reach him at