Precision Health Award for measuring moods via novel tech approach

By | December 5, 2018
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Emily Mower Provost (Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering, Communications & Marketing)

Computer Science And Engineering Professor Emily Mower Provost and collaborators on the Prechter Bipolar Research team were one of 10 recipients of the Michigan Precision Health Investigators Award. Mower Provost and her team propose novel technology, data collection, and computational models that will provide objective assessments of an individual’s behavior and social environment based on analyses of comprehensive mobile data that includes ambient speech recordings.

Individuals with mood disorders require regular clinical monitoring to promote long-term health. Yet, current resource-intense and clinic-based methods are costly and inefficient. The result will be new measurement methods to determine how moods and mood episodes are shaped over time, leading to individualized early warning signs (EWS) for mood disorders. Establishing the EWS is key in determining the need for and nature of an actionable intervention.

The awards includes grants of up to $300,000 each over two years, and awardees were chosen from among an initial pool of more than 100 applicants with significant research projects.