Students show security know-how and win prizes

Computer security 101 exam. Show what you know.

For the past 14 years, Information Assurance (IA) has engaged UM-Ann Arbor students, including medical students, with an online quiz designed to raise awareness about IT security issues and promote good IT security practices. This year’s quiz resulted in the second highest completion rate yet! From October 29 through November 2 a total of 7281 students participated. This is 15.5% percent of those who were emailed a link to the quiz.

Those who scored 90% or higher on this year’s 10-question quiz were entered into a drawing for prizes such as an Apple Watch, iPad Mini, Apple AirPods, and more. New this year, students were encouraged to turn on two-factor for Weblogin to be entered into an extra drawing for a bonus prize; 4,338 of the quiz participants qualified by using two-factor for Weblogin.

IA is continually striving to educate the entire U-M community about IT security and privacy best practices. Take the Computer Security 101 quiz yourself and explore the Safe Computing website for tips on protecting your online privacy and security.