Flint ITS FY18 annual report highlights successes

By | November 14, 2018
cover of FY18 Flint ITS Annual Report

(Flint ITS)

Flint Information Technology Services recently issued its annual report for FY18. (The entire report (PDF) is available online.) The report provides bios of ITS professional staff as well as updates on the organization’s 10 operational areas. Below are highlights of the report:

  • Data Information Management: Much progress was made this past year toward Flint’s Banner 9 upgrade, including integrations with Common App. The group also completed an upgrade to Oracle 12C and added a feature to allow Automate to process multiple jobs.
  • Desktop Computer Services: In addition to assisting in multiple departmental moves and staff relocations, DCS has rolled out and configured Windows 10 on new equipment and continues to work with Xerox to replace older printers on campus.
  • ITS Helpdesk: In the last year, the ITS Helpdesk began to cross train student technicians in Helpdesk, Classroom Services, Desktop Computing Services, and Project Management so they could provide more full-service, flexible support.
  • Classroom Services: Among its many projects, CS established new procedures for the application and retrieval of student Mcards and Parking Permits, obtained funding to replace a majority of projectors in general classrooms, and created new interfaces for instructor station touch panels.
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  • Network Engineers: The networking team completed wireless upgrades in all classroom buildings and implemented network security protocols campuswide to help mitigate on-site intrusions.
  • Project Management: The project management group engaged in 37 defined projects totaling nearly $2 million dollars in value including ensuring uninterrupted IT and internet services during the dredging of the Flint River, the launch of a campus PA system, and implementation of a radiation therapy 3D simulation unit.
  • Security Services: Security Services completed an assessment of Flint’s main firewalls and updated their operating software, reduced instances of sensitive data stored on department drives or other locations by about 50%, and conducted a simulated phishing awareness campaign.
  • System Administration: SA continued to roll out Password Sync, merging users’ Flint and Ann Arbor passwords. Password sync will also pave the way for Flint’s upcoming migration to Google. In addition, the team completed a major overhaul of the campus email list server and replaced eight virtualization hosts.
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(Flint ITS)

  • Web Services:  Last summer, the Web group helped successfully launch a new member management system for the Recreation Center, launched a self-service portal for Mcard processing, and enhanced the MyUmflint portal with several new features.
  • ITS Training: ITS Training supported six campuswide Banner 9 open forum sessions and created a Banner 9 video along with supporting documentation and handouts. In addition, it helped create Student Pay video tutorials for the Cashier/Student accounts department.
Author: Nick Looney, Flint ITS

Nick is an instructional learning assistant with UM-Flint ITS. You can contact Nick at nlooney@umich.edu.