Web Platforms Service hires new manager

mark montague


Mark Montague has been named manager of Web Platforms and Information Systems for ITS Infrastructure Application Operations.

Prior to this role, Montague ran his two-person IT consulting and contracting company from 1992–1995, and has a long history with the university that begins in 1992. Some may remember him from his previous work at ITS (1995-1998 and 2006-2010) or his more recent work as the manager of IT advocacy and research support at LSA.

He studied computer engineering and electrical engineering at U-M. He enjoys reading, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, web technologies, Linux, and scientific computing. His interests include awareness around LGBT+, mental health, and disability issues.

As manager of the Web Platforms Service, Montague is responsible for helping move forward the Web Hosting and Container services. To offer congratulations or ask questions about this new role, contact him at markmont@umich.edu.