Keep your personal software up-to-date

Blond woman working at computer with another woman in the background viewing a large video screen.

MPerform Lab at CCRB. (Michigan Photography)

We all should be in the habit of keeping our software up-to-date. This is necessary because vendors and others regularly identify security vulnerabilities in software and apps, and then release updates and patches to fix them. Additionally, keeping your software current enables you to take advantage of other improvements, such as better performance or new functionality.

Personal computers (Windows, Mac, or Linux/Unix)

  • Keep your operating system and applications updated. When available, turn on automatic updating.
  • Only apply updates over a secure connection. Turn on the U-M VPN if using untrusted wireless networks (such as guest wireless in a hotel or coffee shop).

Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, Chromebook)

  • Keep your operating system updated.
  • Do not make unauthorized modifications to your operating system.
  • Only install trusted market apps—and keep them updated.

See Secure Your Devices for more tips and details on appropriately securing and managing your personal devices.