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Starting in about 2011, Storify dominated the niche of tools to harvest, collect, and organize social media and related content into meaningful collections or “stories.” But by early 2018, when Storify announced it would be closing, the market was wide open for a replacement and Wakelet came to the forefront. My colleague, emerging technologies librarian Patricia Anderson (who co-authored this post), and I were both big Storify users. But we’ve since moved, quite happily, to Wakelet. Below is a table with a quick overview of the tool’s pros and cons. You can take a deep dive and read all the details in our full Wakelet review

Pros Cons
Access Runs properly on modern computers/browsers Possible problems accessing shared content on older computers
Accessibility No known problems via AChecker Drag and drop, infinite scroll, and issues for users with sight and fine motor control limitations
Browser extension Save and organize links to articles, videos, tweets, & more. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Links to extensions are difficult to locate, as they are in a collection and not a page on their website.
Collaboration Paid, commercial accounts may create group registered users Only available for paid accounts and very limited information on these accounts is available
Content Supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Google Maps, Spotify, Amazon, Slideshare, Meetup, Tumblr, YouTube, Behance, Flickr, Medium, & Dribble Some content must be manually added via URL
Display controls Customizable banner and background images supported by Unsplash
Mobile App available for iOS & Android
Reordering Drag and drop individual items or move to top/bottom Cannot auto-sort after adding content
Saving Auto-saves drafts and can save privately before publishing
Search Available No advanced search: can only search by keyword
Social media Very present, active, & responsive
Update cycle Rapid–

iOS: 17 updates in past year.

New feature alerts via Twitter and collection.

URLs Unique URLs for each collection and profile No descriptive URLs for collections

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Chase Masters, University Library
Author: Chase Masters, University Library

Chase's role at the Taubman Health Sciences Library includes managing technology projects and resources, consulting with faculty to effectively incorporate technology into their curriculum, supervising staff, identifying and building partnerships with instructional technology units throughout the university community, and serving on his department’s leadership team. You may reach him at