Timeline for the new Gmail

Since June, U-M has been part of the Google Early Adopter program that lets people test the New Gmail, and switch between Classic Gmail and New Gmail. There’s been a lot of interest in the New Gmail interface, but until now a timeline for launch had not been firmly established. The timeline looks like this:

  • July 2018: Official launch of new GMail interface.
  • Two months after launch (September): Google automatically switches everyone to new Gmail. You can still opt back to “Classic Gmail” for one month
  • Three months after launch (October): Everyone permanently switched to New Gmail.

Please note: Google could change their above estimated timeline at any time. We will keep you updated. To learn more, watch a recording of the webinar we broadcast on using the new Gmail.

Author: Rita Girardi, ITS Communications

Rita is a member of the ITS communications team and editor of Michigan IT News. Contact her at girardi@umich.edu.