Gameful Learning Summer Institute encourages student learning ownership


gameful learning logoOn July 23 and 24, the second Gameful Summer Institute is hosting an event intended for higher education faculty, K-12 teachers, instructional designers, and education technology administrators who will learn how to encourage student ownership of learning. 

“Anyone who watches someone play video games or board games or compete in athletic competitions knows that games are great at keeping people engaged,” said Rachel Niemer, director of strategic initiatives at the U-M’s Office of Academic Innovation. “We also know that well-designed games are great learning environments.”

The strategy encourages students to engage with coursework by promoting a sense of autonomy, belonging and competence. Through exercises that are similar to playing video games, students actively learn and feel motivated to challenge themselves. GLSI also features a half-day workshop on Gradecraft, a management system that supports the gameful learning strategy. Developed at U-M, Gradecraft has been implemented into more than 115 courses across U-M and other campuses.