HITS lends a hand to successful Patient Experience Expo 2018

Two women lean over a table to share information.

The Patient Experience Expo was a success! Here, a participant at the Just Ask! Diversity event learns more about Michigan Medicine programs.

Michigan Medicine recently hosted a week-long celebration of patients and their families. A number of events throughout the week brought together faculty, staff, students, patients, and their families to honor, discuss, and engage in all aspects of the patient experience.

The Patient Experience Expo, held on April 24, was especially festive, and HITS was there to join in the fun. Staff members from the HITS Architecture & Operations Management and Service Management divisions enjoyed chatting with more than 300 Expo participants about ways we can all make patients’ experience better. Tips and tricks included how to use the appropriate WiFi network and where to get walk-up help.

HITS customer relationship manager Aubrey Theisen has been working with the Office of Patient Experience for more than six months on a campaign called “MGuest is for Guest” meant to educate faculty, students, and staff about which network is best for them to use. The idea is to free up traffic on the MGuest network for patients and their families, many of whom are in the hospital for hours on end, or even months.

“It was interesting to see so many people from all over Michigan Medicine come together with the singular goal of making patients’ experiences better,” Theisen said.

“It has been eye-opening to learn about the impact that IT has on the way patients experience their time at Michigan Medicine,” Theisen continued. “I’m proud that HITS has created a ‘well-oiled machine’ for a better experience for patients and clinical staff.”

Sean Quinn, end user computing specialist senior, has worked closely with Theisen and the Office of Patient Experience to plan for the walk-up “Help Me Now” location at the upcoming Clinical Inpatient Tower. Michigan Medicine will construct an adult inpatient tower on the main medical campus, and will include as many as 264 beds and 23 surgical/interventional radiology suites. This added capacity will help address patient access, care concerns, and allow for a transition of existing patient care services now located in University Hospital.

We are always thinking ahead about how to serve our customers better. We’re considering the best ways to access the wireless network, how to sign up for the patient portal (myuofmhealth.org), and possibly offering kiosk computers for general internet access. We are excited to see how we can make everyone’s stay at Michigan Medicine a better experience.,” Quinn said.