Ross students create productivity app

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Professor Robert Pasick (l) with Ross students (l to r) Tristan Neeb, Aklavya Kashyap, Shayan Shafii, and Sean Dew. (Randy Maschaka/Michigan Ross)

Recent graduates Shayan Shafii, Reid Ovis, Aklavya Kashyap, Tristan Neeb, and Sean Dew developed a productivity app that pairs with Amazon’s Alexa to help people set and achieve their goals. These goals could be daily, weekly, or monthly in the context of physical, mental, or social capabilities. Named “Iris,” the app aggregates statistical insights regarding productive activity versus counterproductive behaviors. The ultimate goal of the app is to help people become more self aware of their habits and change them to be more productive.

One targeted audience of this app is college students, who must learn to balance their academic, personal, and work lives. The group of developers is currently conversing with partners at the university with hopes of pairing the app with select courses and initiatives. The hope of these developers is that the app will encourage others to create a more productive future.