Need to two-factor while traveling?

Are you going on a trip where you’ll need to use two-factor authentication (Duo)? Duo offers multiple options to meet your needs when traveling. You may be able to use your regular Duo two-factor option or need an alternative method depending on your travel destination.

If you haven’t yet turned on two-factor for Weblogin to protect your personal information in Wolverine Access and U-M systems, now is a good time.

Plan ahead

  • Plan your options. Refer to Traveling With Two-Factor (Duo), a one-page reference chart to understand your options.
  • Enroll additional devices. If possible, enroll a second device in case your primary device is unavailable (lost, stolen, dead battery, and so on).
  • International travel? Restrictions apply for some destinations. See Travel to Embargoed Countries.

Consider using passcodes

  • If you will not have a cellular or WiFi connection, use the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Get passcodes via text message. You will still need a cell phone connection, but a text message will often get through even when you have spotty data coverage.

For more advice and links to helpful resources, refer to Traveling with Duo.

Over the shoulder shot of woman authenticating on her phone with laptop screen in background.