ServiceLink adds mobile app enhancements and more

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Here’s what’s new in the March 15 ServiceLink upgrade:

ServiceLink mobile app enhancements

We are excited to share changes in the mobile app with you. The app has been available in an unmanaged format, which has made it difficult to use. With this release we’ve updated the interface and added the features below.

  • A screen for all ServiceLink users with tiles (buttons) that link to commonly-used ITS and U-M features and services.
  • Screens that are visible only to staff in specific areas (e.g., SSC and Depot) with tiles to features they commonly use. System access determines which tiles staff members can see and use.
  • A barcode scanning feature that automatically populates a new incident form. This will be on the tile screen that’s visible to ITS Depot staff.

Here are a couple new and updated knowledge docs about the mobile app:

Field Service Management application enabled (ITS Only)

The Field Service module provides functionality for streamlining the way internal tasks are managed. It allows teams to create work order templates to automate their common practices. The first two work orders are in a pilot and will help the ITS Depot Team manage logistics and track the work done by the Tech Repair Team.

Move to ServiceNow mail relay servers

We have moved the ServiceLink mail relay from campus infrastructure to the solution hosted by ServiceNow. This is was done, in part, to return the application to standard “out of the box” configurations where it makes sense.

If you have questions, please contact Andrea Stevens at