Improvements to MCommunity

ITS recently completed critical enhancements to MCommunity, which had been experiencing significant backlogs during peak data periods. Additions, changes, and removals for individuals and groups were taking days to process, which caused provisioning and communication issues for campus.

In the fall of 2016, ITS set a priority to improve the reliability and performance of MCommunity as well as remove any accumulated technical debt. Over the past year, ITS teams assessed the service, evaluated the architecture, designed and engineered a solution, augmented the virtual machine environment with on-premise physical hardware, and tested and implemented the changes. They also modified its vendor support model, improving vendor response time from days to hours.

The new solution went live the weekend of December 2, 2017.

Some data of note:

  • The MCommunity ecosystem currently manages approximately 900K uniqnames, 87K groups, and 600K identities
  • The MCommunity environment is now running on RHEL7 (previously RHEL5) and the latest versions of the IDM product suite
  • This effort allowed us to reduce the number of servers by 20% (22 to 17)
  • Preliminary data shows system transaction processing is occurring faster, resulting in no visible delays to users.