UM-Flint’s new video production studio enhances online learning

By | January 5, 2018

UM-Flint’s Office of Extended Learning (OEL) has opened a new video production studio in the Northbank Center to help faculty enrich their online courses. Crews from the university’s Information Technology Services, Engineering Departmentand Facilities and Operations renovated an old locker room into the new professional space. The sound-proof studio features a 10-foot wide green screen and an 8-foot wide lightboard, which is “an internally illuminated sheet of glass that instructors can write highly visible notes and illustrations on,” said Nick Gaspar, OEL’s technology manager.

“The main benefit of creating this kind of media will be the increase in instructor presence that students feel. The instructor can exist visually in courses side-by-side with their text-based lecture notes and assignments, adding a human element to the course,” Gaspar said. “When high production is paired with well-planned instruction, students can be motivated to engage more with the course material, the instructor, and other students.”

video studio with man and woman sitting at desk behind studio lights

(UM-Flint News)