Preparing for a successful future: Message from the interim VPIT-CIO

By | December 13, 2017

Last week, the Board of Regents approved my appointment as interim vice president for information technology and chief information officer. I am excited about this role and am eager to work more closely with all of Michigan IT to prepare for a successful future. Ultimately, I want the incoming VPIT-CIO to be highly successful, and I will do my best in this interim role to set them up for that.

President Schlissel and I spoke at length about this transition, and I want to share a few items that we discussed. First, I will continue as the Michigan Medicine CIO with no change in that work. With that in mind, my highest priorities for the VPIT-CIO role will include ITS daily operations, cybersecurity, FY19 IT budget planning, and maintaining the momentum of existing IT initiatives.

I continue to support the focus on cloud computing, which will move forward with the same energy and emphasis as before. Given the tremendous amount of collaborative work demonstrated at last month’s IT Symposium, I know we’re heading in the right direction.

In addition, two of the initiatives announced at the IT Symposium, Michigan IT Academy and the Michigan IT Mentor Program, will continue to move forward, and I encourage you to get involved in a way that supports your own professional development goals.

The VPIT-CIO role is part of a larger strategy to expand opportunities that deepen our relationships with colleagues across campus, work together more effectively on projects, and, ultimately, serve our customers and colleagues even better than before. Given my unique position of being the CIO for both Michigan Medicine and the university, I plan to use this time to further share best practices, better align common initiatives, and enhance collaboration across HITS, ITS, and Michigan Medicine. And, I look forward to working more closely with our broader Michigan IT community to develop a collaborative approach that works best for our institution.

If you see me on campus, please say hi and introduce yourself. I’d love to hear about your perspectives of IT at Michigan and any ideas you have for our community.


Andrew L Rosenberg, M.D.
Associate Professor
Anesthesiology & Internal Medicine

Chief Information Officer for Michigan Medicine
Vice President for IT and CIO-Interim
University of Michigan

Send questions or comments to Andrew through the Office of the CIO website.