What do you think about MaizeLink?


maizelink interface

ITS is piloting new software for campus called MaizeLink. Powered by OneCampus, the software uses search and filter technology to make it easier to organize preferred web-based campus services in one mobile-friendly location.

For the last two years, ITS engaged campus user groups via interviews, surveys, and prototype reviews to search for software to do what this one can. Included in the assessment were faculty, students, and staff. Software tools used at other institutions were also reviewed. OneCampus, or what ITS is calling MaizeLink, rose to the top of the list. Institutions currently using this framework include Indiana University, Notre Dame, Ohio State University, Purdue University, and Virginia Tech.

MaizeLink spans systems and boosts findability, and has filtering capabilities that refine visibility. Individuals can personalize the tool to improve usability, and there is one-click, single sign-on access to systems and information most used by campus community members. No matter the device being used, users can take advantage of intelligent search to find content by name, category, or description.  

ITS has taken the tool as far as it can in terms of development, with a small set of high-profile content and tools currently used by students. The plan now is to get feedback from students, to track their usage and search terms, and to gain their acceptance. Faculty and staff content will be introduced later in 2018. The RFP phase for the production license is scheduled for early 2018 with deployment of the production system in FY19.

Feedback from the Michigan IT community is needed both now and as faculty/staff content is added. IT staff can visit https://umich.onecampus.com, peruse the tool, and submit suggestions in the “What do you think?” section. Questions about MaizeLink should be emailed to ITSWebTeam@umich.edu.