Mcity uses AR to help test automated vehicles

By | June 27, 2017

A research team in U-M’s Mcity Michigan Traffic Lab led by Professor Henry Liu has developed an augmented reality (AR) system that enables engineers and researchers to evaluate challenging and dangerous scenarios in a safe environment. The traffic lab controls all of the signalling and tracks the vehicles on the facility. It collects and archives data from those vehicles for the use of the researchers. In addition to taking in data, the lab can feed out data to the vehicles. The traffic lab can place virtual vehicles around the physical test vehicles while the tester reacts in real time to what it thinks it is “seeing.” Mcity opened in June 2015 as a public private partnership between U-M and a group of automakers, suppliers and other companies including insurers. The 37-acre test track on North Campus has a variety of road types and replicas of real-world environments for testing connected and automated vehicles.

Author: News Staff

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