U-M moves to Xerox for multi-function devices

The University of Michigan has a new contract with Xerox for multi-function devices or MFDs. (An MFD is an office machine that performs multiple functions: for example, a combination printer, scanner, copier, and fax.)

First announced in November, Procurement Services has secured a service that will save the community millions of dollars versus the existing contract with supplier Konica Minolta. The new print program costs are strictly usage based, regardless of device type or office environment. Users will pay 1.4 cents a page for black and 4.4 cents a page for color. Toner and staples are included, paper is not included.

Procurement has been partnering with Athletics and LSA’s Department of Mathematics to conduct a pilot. ITS has also been testing the new Xerox devices. Xerox representatives will contact units in stages to review next steps for their unit-specific MFD transition. This is a multi-year project with emphasis being placed first within units that have Konica Minolta MFDs that are out of contract and/or out of service.

During a unit visit, Xerox will identify how much your unit pays with your current environment versus a proposal featuring Xerox devices. The Xerox representative will ask if your unit prefers to focus on MFDs or your entire environment. If your unit agrees with the proposed changes, Xerox will begin deployment.

Lessons learned from units that have made the transition:

  • Contact your non-Konica Minolta provider once your Xerox machines have been ordered to schedule a pick-up of your old devices. Xerox will coordinate pick up of your Konica Minolta machines.
  • MiWorkspace subscribed units should also partner with their Neighborhood IT teams to install the new Xerox devices.
  • Remember to consider space for both your new Xerox and legacy Konica Minolta devices if there is an overlap in delivery/pick-up dates.
  • Be sure to measure the spaces for your new Xerox machines to ensure that they meet your requirements. In most instances the Xerox machine is smaller. The exception is the tabletop machines.

Questions?  Contact xeroxcontract@umich.edu or visit Procurement Services Xerox web page

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Author: Marc Brigolin, Dearborn Business Affairs

Marc is a senior manager for the Dearborn Office of Business Affairs. You can contact him at mabrigol@umich.edu.