CTools project sites migration

Thank you to the School of Public Health for partnering with ITS on the first pilot. We received valuable feedback from them and our other unit representatives. We have incorporated their input in the following ways:

  • Migration approach: ITS will not automatically bulk migrate content. Instead we will hold regular clinics to offer 1:1 support and training on using the migration tool and selecting alternative options. We encourage site owners to use the Project Site Migration tool available this summer in CTools to begin moving their CTools sites.  We will publish a schedule of migration clinics this summer.
  • Timeline:  
    • CTools is not going away in the short term. Historical content will be available in a live system at least through July 1, 2019.  
    • ITS will hold migration clinics through July 1, 2018 to support moving active CTools sites to alternative services.

Registration is open for the IT4U75: CTools Project Site Migration webinar on Thursday, June 22, 9-9:45 a.m. MaryBeth Stuenkel and John Diehl (ITS) cover what to expect and how to select alternative tools such as U-M Box and G Suite (Google). Learn how shared accounts, U-M discussion groups, and MCommunity groups can enhance collaboration and communication.

A reminder to please review your sites and delete any that are no longer needed. If you are an owner and shouldn’t be, transfer or update ownership. Contact the project team or visit the project website for more information.

Author: Rita Girardi, ITS Communications

Rita is a member of the ITS communications team and editor of Michigan IT News. Contact her at girardi@umich.edu.