UM-Flint improves and expands WiFi networks

By | April 25, 2017

Starting this past semester and leading into spring, Flint ITS has begun a major upgrade to the campus WiFi network. This upgrade will provide the highest standards of wireless network performance and security, as well as providing service to a greater number of wireless devices. At this time, ITS has performed upgrades or installed network in the first and second floor of Riverfront, all floors of the library, and throughout the newly renovated Harrison St. Annex. In addition to the work being done on campus, the ITS network team has set up a network infrastructure throughout the new Cummings Elementary building for the Early Childhood Development Center. With assistance from IT support at Hurley Medical Center, ITS is nearly complete with a year-long project to extend the UM-Flint campus network to the Dutcher Center on the Hurley campus via a wireless point-to-point antenna system. This system will increase the speed and reliability with which UM-Flint faculty and students at the Dutcher Center can access computing resources just as they would on campus, which will enhance their ability to focus more effectively on learning. More network projects are slated throughout the spring and summer semesters.

Nick Looney, Flint ITS
Author: Nick Looney, Flint ITS

Nick is an instructional learning assistant with UM-Flint ITS. You can contact Nick at