Need to two-factor while traveling?

By | March 27, 2017

Will you need to use two-factor authentication (Duo) while on a trip? Duo offers multiple options to meet your needs when traveling. You may be able to use your regular Duo two-factor option, although you may need to use alternative options depending on your travel plans.

Plan ahead

  • Plan your options. Refer to Traveling With Two-Factor (Duo), a one-page reference chart to understand your options.
  • Enroll additional devices. If possible, enroll two devices in case your primary device is unavailable (lost, stolen, dead battery, etc.).
  • International travel? Restrictions apply for some destinations. See Travel to Embargoed Countries.

Consider using passcodes

  • If you will not have a cellular or WiFi connection, use the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Get passcodes via text message. You will still need a cell phone connection, but a text message will often get through even when you have spotty data coverage.

For more advice and links to helpful resources, refer to Traveling with Duo.