Two-factor authentication expansion continues

Duo Circle Logo. White DUO on green circle.

Two-factor (Duo) authentication expansion continues on all U-M campuses. In addition to the option to turn on Duo for Weblogin, some IT services have also begun requiring it.

  • ITS Windows Servers: ITS enabled Duo on more than 440 of its Windows servers.
  • MiServer: New and existing managed MiServer instances now require Duo at the administrative level unless the system administrator indicates otherwise.
  • WebNow: Will require Duo beginning January 14, 2017. Communications underway.
  • Banner/UM-Dearborn: Will enable Duo beginning in 2017.
  • UMHS VPN: Will require Duo beginning in 2017. Communications underway.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA): Will require Duo beginning in 2017. Communications underway.

Expanding the use of Duo further enhances U-M data security. Contact the project team for more information. To add two-factor to a departmental system, see how to implement Duo on U-M systems, then contact the ITS Service Center to have your system listed at Systems that Require Duo Two-Factor.