AFS, Drupal, and WordPress website updates

Information and Technology Services (ITS) has been diligently working to improve web hosting services at U-M. As part of this effort, important updates regarding new Drupal and WordPress websites and compromised AFS websites have been made.

Beginning June 30, 2024:

  • No more NEW AFS Drupal or WordPress website requests will be accepted.
    • Note: New non-Drupal/WordPress PHP websites will still be allowed on AFS until a replacement is found.

After June 30, 2024, NEW Drupal/WordPress websites must be hosted on Pantheon at U-M or a different web hosting service selected by the unit that owns the website. Other web hosting options include Google Sites and GitHub Pages.

Move off of AFS Web Virtual Hosting

AFS-hosted websites that become compromised1 after June 30, 2024, must move off of AFS or be taken offline. This could mean moving to a more secure platform like Pantheon at U-M, another web hosting service, or taking the website offline entirely.

If your site becomes compromised, the Web Hosting team will contact you, and you will have 30 days to move your website out of AFS to a more secure platform or take it offline. ITS strongly recommends hosting your WordPress/Drupal websites on Pantheon at U-M.

For questions, please contact

  1. Websites that have been taken over by a threat actor and used for malicious purposes. ↩︎