Alumni Association completes bidirectional DART-Salesforce integration

Burton Town
(By Cbl62 – Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link)

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM) is proud to announce the completion of the bidirectional data integration of alumni data between the Donor and Alumni Relationship Tool (DART) and Salesforce.

Working with the Office of University Development and the ITS DART team, the AAUM Salesforce instance is able to consume and publish alumni data updates using a near real-time publisher-subscriber model using Informatica and RabbitMQ.

This new approach completes our long-standing integration that relied on batch processing of updated records using web services description language.

Alumni Association lead Salesforce developer Ashok Sanampudi worked with AAUM team members Hiral Shah, Tabetha Kolodzaike, and Andy Bloomfield in collaboration with the DART team consisting of Cassidy Eaton and Jia Chen.

The resulting process relies upon an event-driven framework. A contact record update triggers an Informatica process that sends the data to DART’s persistent queue using the RabbitMQ connector. This modern approach paves the way for other units to adopt a similar approach that provides near real-time updates of alumni, donor, and constituent data from trusted sources, keeping the DART system of record up-to-date. 

The group recently presented to the Informatica Community of Practice. View the video of the presentation.

Special thanks to Larry Chaffee and Sam Solovyev from ITS, and Andre Zoldan from the AAUM for making this project possible. Big thanks to the many staff from ITS and OUD who helped, especially Cassidy Eaton and Jia Chen.